Celebrating Engineers on Engineer's Day

Prime Minister Modi's Tribute

Prime Minister Modi's Tribute

 Engineers play a crucial role in our nation's development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledges their tireless dedication and innovative minds on Engineer's Day.

 Commemorating M Visvesvaraya

Engineer's Day is celebrated in honor of the legendary engineer and administrator, M Visvesvaraya, born in 1861. It's a day to remember his contributions

Modi's Message to Engineers

PM Modi extends his greetings to hardworking engineers, recognizing their significant contributions to our nation's progress

PM Modi pays homage to M Visvesvaraya, hailing him as a visionary engineer and statesman.

Remembering M Visvesvaraya

As we celebrate Engineer's Day, let's remember and honor the engineers who have shaped our nation's development and continue to drive innovation for a brighter future

Engineers: The Pillars of Progress