Omegle shuts down: online chat service amid legal challenges

Omegle shuts down: Omegle, an online chat spot for talking to strangers, has closed down due to concerns about criminal activities.

Omegle shuts down: online chat service amid legal challenges
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In a long statement on Thursday, the founder, Leif K-Brooks, explained that the platform was closing because it couldn’t handle the financial and emotional stress of dealing with misuse. In recent years, Omegle faced lawsuits for being a place where people experienced harassment and minors were connected with potential abusers through text and video chats.

“The challenges of fighting against misuse, along with the costs of running Omegle, became too much,” Brooks said.

The website shut its anonymous chat function Thursday. More info about Omegle shuts down: online chat service amid legal challenges.

Omegle shuts down

Founded in 2009, Omegle became popular quickly, being a part of internet culture in the 2010s alongside similar services like Chat Roulette. However, this popularity also brought problems, with some using the platform for inappropriate activities.

“To be fair about Omegle, we have to admit that some people used it for really bad things,” Brooks acknowledged.

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Legal Issues

Omegle faced several lawsuits for allowing misuse, including one where it was claimed the service connected an 11-year-old with a sexual predator. Omegle settled a million lawsuit last week, as reported by Gizmodo.

“By not stopping predators and fixing the problems with Omegle, the platform let these bad users continue their harmful actions,” claimed a lawyer in the lawsuit.

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