19-Year-Old’s Collapse on Treadmill During Workout

19-Year-Old's Collapse on Treadmill During Workout
(A screenshot of the CCTV footage, moments before boy collapses on the treadmill.)

Ghaziabad: A young man named Siddharth Kumar Singh, who was only 19 years old, was at a gym one Saturday morning. He was using a treadmill to exercise, but something went wrong, and he collapsed and couldn’t wake up.

Siddharth was a student in college, and his family had a grocery store in Khoda. His mom worked as a teacher in Bihar. When this happened, the police came to help, but Siddharth’s family didn’t want the doctors to check what had happened to him. Instead, they wanted to take his body to their home village in Bihar to say goodbye to him there.

People at the gym recorded what happened, and it was on the internet. In the video, we can see Siddharth trying to run on the treadmill but falling down. Two others in the gym tried to help him, but he didn’t wake up.

They took Siddharth to the hospital really quickly, but when the doctors looked at him, they said he had already passed away.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Indirapuram) Swatantra Dev Singh mentioned that Siddharth likely had a “heart stroke,” which is a sudden problem with the heart. And another doctor, Dr. RN Singh, who attended to Siddharth, explained that sometimes young people can have hidden heart or blood pressure issues, even if they seem healthy on the outside.

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