All Aboard the Metro Marvel: Titagarh’s Ahmedabad Project Takes Off!

All Aboard the Metro Marvel: Titagarh's Ahmedabad Project Takes Off!

The expansive world of Titagarh Ahmedabad Metro unfolds with grandeur: Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd (previously known as Titagarh Wagons) announced on this present Wednesday its acceptance of a letter. This letter marks a significant contract signed with Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC). This contract involves a big responsibility – managing, building, supplying, testing, starting, and guiding a group of 30 standard gauge vehicles.

These vehicles, following the standard gauge, are crucial parts of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Phase-II project, as stated by a reliable source.

Starting a journey through time, the creation of a prototype Metro car is expected within 70 weeks. The complete set of responsibilities, a sort of melodic work, aims to be completed in about 94 weeks. All this activity will happen in our big Uttarpara location, peacefully situated in the Hooghly district. These details are shared by Titagarh Rail Systems’ director, Prithish Chowdhary, who handles marketing and business development, as explained to the esteemed PTI news agency.

A group of 10 trains is planned, each having three cars, working together seamlessly. The Ahmedabad Metro Rail Phase-II project, a major effort by GMRC, comes with a financial commitment of about Rs 13,500 crore. A significant addition to the city’s transportation network, this project introduces 28.2 kilometers of new Metro lines that connect smoothly with the existing transit system.

Recently, in Kolkata, an important deal added to the company’s journey – an agreement to supply 24 Metro trains for the first phase of the Surat Metro project. The financial value of this deal, around Rs 850 crore, shows the company’s skills and innovation. This move once again sparked the teamwork between Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) and the mentioned company, as explained by the spokesperson.

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