BGMI Officially Announced Something Special: Guess What’s Coming! Don’t Miss

BGMI Officially Announced Something Special: Guess What's Coming!
BGMI Officially Announced Something Special

To keep players excited, Battlegrounds Mobile India often adds new stuff like themes and items. In their latest 2.8 update, they brought in a cool “zombie edge” theme that players are loving.

Because it’s Halloween time, the game introduced a special Wicked Night Crate.

BGMI recently showed off the Gothic Gentleman outfit on Instagram. If you want it, you have to open the new Wicked Night Crate using UC, which is the in-game money.

To get the Wicked Night Crate and what’s inside, players need to use their UCs. You can find the crate in the “Crates” part of the menu. Just pick the Wicked Night Crate and press “Open.” The first time costs 30UC, and after that, it’s 60UC each time.

This article is about BGMI Officially Announced Something Special Guess What’s Coming! Get the Daily Special Bundle 5 times and have a chance to win the mega prize!

What are you waiting for? Drop in now! 😍


For 540UC, players can unlock the premium crate ten times. Getting the new outfits depends on luck, so not everyone will get them. Also, remember the new crate is only around for a short time, so grab these cool items before it disappears.

In other news, the folks behind BGMI, Krafton, started a program called KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI) to help and grow the gaming community in the country.

Krafton’s KIGI program lasts from six months to a year. It supports about 6-10 teams every year by teaching them and giving them access to the company’s stuff, like data analytics and market research. After the program, teams can choose to publish their games themselves or get funding from outside investors and Krafton.

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