Breaking Auto News: Bharat NCAP’s Safety Surge & TVS X Scooter’s Pricey Arrival!

Breaking Auto News: Bharat NCAP's Safety Surge & TVS X Scooter's Pricey Arrival!

Weekly Automotive Update: Unveiling from Bharat NCAP to TVS X Electric Scooter – All Essential Insights from the Automobile Realm

The highly anticipated inauguration of the Bharat New Car Assessment Programme, also known as Bharat NCAP, occurred during this week. Embarking on the mission to elevate safety benchmarks within the realm of Indian vehicular mobility, this endeavor is set to encompass M1 classification automobiles, with a total mass not exceeding 3,500 kilograms. The commencement of Bharat NCAP operations is scheduled for the first day of October. This ambitious program carries a voluntary essence, entailing the meticulous scrutiny of the fundamental iteration of any given model.

In parallel, BMW India initiated the acceptance of reservations for the 2 Series Gran Coupe M Performance Edition, exemplifying an epitome of performance prowess. Simultaneously, Lexus India initiated booking procedures for their forthcoming LM, encapsulating luxury and opulence in its truest manifestation. Breaking conventional bounds, the prominent TVS Motor Company launched its avant-garde creation, the X premium electric scooter, with a price tag of Rs 2.50 lakh, exclusive of showroom tariffs.

In a parallel revelation, Hero MotoCorp undertook the grand introduction of the all-new Glamour, marking its entry with a price starting at Rs 82,348 for the base model, excluding showroom embellishments. The automotive domain is abuzz with these groundbreaking developments, poised to redefine the landscape of vehicular evolution.

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