Breaking Boundaries: Kia’s New EV5 Set to Dominate the Electric Car Arena!

Breaking Boundaries: Kia's New EV5 Set to Dominate the Electric Car Arena!

In November 2023, an electric SUV will hit China’s roads. Kia, wanting to compete, has put a bold price on their new creation, the EV5, for Chinese buyers. This sets up a challenge, as the EV5 is ready to rival even the famous Tesla Model Y.

The folks at The Korean Car Blog share that the Kia EV5 will cost between $22,000 (about 159,800 yuan) and $31,500 (about 229,800 yuan). This is a significant difference compared to the Tesla Model Y, which starts at around $36,000 (about 263,900 yuan).

The big debut of the Kia EV5 took place at the Chengdu Motor Show. However, there’s a catch – those excited about this car will need to wait until November to get their hands on one, as reported by The Korean Car Blog. Kia’s goal is to attract “millennial families” with their electric SUV.

Comparing the dimensions, the Kia EV5 is a bit shorter than the Model Y, but it stands taller by more than three inches. We don’t know all the details about the powertrain yet. But, The Korean Car Blog predicts it will have an 82-kilowatt-hour energy source that can take it around 372 miles before needing a charge.

The Kia EV5 has a unique design theme called “Opposites United,” with a distinct “tiger mask” face and LED lights all around. The old-school radiator grille is replaced with an electric power face.

The car’s interior is all about cool lighting – it has sixty-four colors to choose from. These lights will change depending on how you drive. At night, they dim, and if you speed, they’ll subtly warn you.

Inside, you’ll find a steering wheel with four spokes – a style you see in many Hyundai cars. There are two screens and a big panoramic sunroof. The back seats can be adjusted, and there are hidden storage spaces under the floor.

Kia is partnering with Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Jiangsu Yueda Group for this venture. They’ve named it Dongfeng Yueda Kia and set it up in Yancheng city, Jiangsu province.

For now, Kia is focusing on the Chinese market with the EV5. There’s a rumor that it might head to the United States in 2024, but nothing official yet.

In 2023, the three-row EV9 SUV will also make an appearance. It’ll come in four versions and marks Kia’s big push into electric vehicles. The West Point, Georgia plant is where it will all begin, with the first electric Kia set to roll off the assembly line in 2024.

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