Breaking News: Lunar Land Prices Revealed – Is Moon Ownership Possible?

Breaking News: Lunar Land Prices Revealed - Is Moon Ownership Possible?

In a remarkable achievement on August 23rd, India reached a significant milestone when Chandrayaan-3 executed a smooth landing on the moon’s southern pole. This momentous event marked the culmination of a crucial phase in lunar exploration. As conveyed through an official statement by ISRO on the digital platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the lunar rover Pragyan was deployed from the Vikram lander to initiate its journey across the uncharted lunar terrain.

As per prevailing beliefs, the possibility of life emerging on the moon is gaining traction, fueling speculations about human settlement beyond Earth’s confines. Various rumors have also sparked curiosity among the general populace regarding the financial value of lunar real estate and the intricacies involved in its acquisition.

Notable Figures as Lunar Landowners
Multiple media reports suggest that the late Sushant Singh Rajput had procured lunar property, and Shah Rukh Khan was symbolically gifted a lunar parcel by one of his admirers.

Sushant Singh Rajput reportedly secured his celestial expanse through the services of the International Lunar Lands Registry. His alleged property is situated at the Sea of Moscow on the lunar surface. Alongside him, Rajiv Bagdi from Hyderabad and Lalit Mohta from Bengaluru also obtained lunar plots.

Entities with Authority in Lunar Real Estate
Speculations circulate about the involvement of entities such as Luna Society International and the International Lunar Lands Registry in the trade of lunar territories.

It’s imperative to recognize that, as stipulated by international organizations, legal ownership of the moon remains unattainable. This stance aims to prevent any single entity or nation from asserting exclusive rights over the cosmic realm, which fundamentally belongs to the collective heritage of humanity.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 mandates that no state or individual can claim legitimate ownership of a celestial body, whether it’s a satellite or a planet, within the celestial expanse. Notably, in addition to India, this treaty has been endorsed by 110 other nations.

Monetary Valuation of Lunar Property
In accordance with the records of the Lunar Registry, the cost of one acre of lunar land stands at USD 37.50 or approximately Rs 3100.

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