Breaking News: Toyota Rumion’s Arrival Sends Shockwaves!

Breaking News: Toyota Rumion's Arrival Sends Shockwaves!

Unveiling the Debut of Toyota Rumion in the Indian Market:

Toyota Kirloskar has unveiled the Toyota Rumion Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in the Indian market on August 28th. Drawing inspiration from the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, this vehicle showcases intricate design and pronounced sentence diversity, crafting an engaging narrative.

A Tale of Variants and Colors:

The Rumion MPV takes center stage with its introduction in three distinctive variations, encompassing six trims and a palette of five hues. Accompanied by a touch of cosmetic refinement, the CNG option stands as an alternative path. With the dawn of Monday, the wheels of official bookings have begun their rotation, initiated with a modest sum of Rs 11,000. From the 8th of September, the wheels of delivery will be set in motion.

Unraveling Features:

Embracing modernity, the Rumion boasts cutting-edge attributes, including seamless connectivity with both smartphones and smartwatches. In a striking juxtaposition, the engine’s ignition dances to the rhythm of a smartphone’s command. The company asserts that the fuel-efficient journey spans 20.52kmpl in its petrol iteration and 26.11kmpl when embracing CNG propulsion.

A Symphonic Accord: Toyota and Maruti Suzuki:

The alliance between Toyota and Maruti Suzuki takes on a musical note, with the Rumion standing as the fourth masterpiece born from their partnership. Prior performers on this stage include the Toyota Glanza, Urban Cruiser, and Maruti Suzuki Invicto. Not to be forgotten, the Japanese automaker’s portfolio welcomes this budget-friendly masterpiece amidst its array of Indian MPVs, nestled between the Innova Crysta, Innova Highcross, and Vellfire.

Variants and Their Financial Prelude:

The following tableau unfolds the diverse variants and their corresponding financial thresholds:

S MT (Petrol) – Priced at 10.29 Lakh
S MT (CNG) – Valued at 11.24 Lakh
G MT (Petrol) – Tagged at 11.45 Lakh
S AT (Petrol) – Stands at 11.89 Lakh
V MT (Petrol) – Rates at 12.18 Lakh
V AT (Petrol) – Commands 13.68 Lakh
The Artistry of Design:

The symphony of cosmetic enhancements serenades the Toyota Rumion. The grandeur commences at the front grille, an emblem borrowed from the Innova Crysta, etched with the elegance of a honeycomb pattern and embellished by the embrace of chrome.

On this automotive canvas, LED projector headlamps adorned with integrated LED DRLs gracefully encircle the grille. A new choreography of design unfolds in the form of a revamped front bumper, now graced by an additional touch of chrome near its nadir. Flanking this ensemble are the dual foglamps. The sides unveil 7-spoke diamond-cut alloy wheels, distinguished from their Ertiga counterparts.

The flanks and rear of this opus remain unchanged. Within, the Rumion replicates the dual-tone allure of the Ertiga, accompanied by the sole alteration—the Toyota insignia resting on the steering wheel. The layout, a testament to seven-seat opulence, finds its origin in the Ertiga’s blueprint.

A Glimpse Under the Hood:

Beneath the elegant chassis resides the beating heart—a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. Co-designed with Ertiga, this powerplant conjures 103hp of might and a torque of 137Nm. It partners harmoniously with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

For those who seek an alternative path, a factory-fitted CNG kit is a beckoning choice. In this guise, the engine hums to the tune of 88hp and torque of 121.5Nm. The consumption echoes a melodious 20.11 kmpl with manual transmission, 20.51 kmpl when draped in automatic attire, and a harmonious 26.11 km/kg in CNG mode.

A Symphony of Engineering and Efficiency:

The manufacturer equips the Rumion with not only the petrol engine but also the Neo Drive (Integrated Starter Generator – ISG) and E-CNG technology. This symphony of innovation orchestrates an amplified symphony of efficiency. On the stage of possibilities, the Rumion allows the audience to choose between petrol (Neo Drive) and CNG fuel.

In the words of Atul Sood, Vice President – Sales and Strategic Marketing, TKM, “We stand humbled and honored by the overwhelming response, reflected in the tide of customer inquiries embracing the All New Toyota Rumion. The curtains rise as we announce the commencement of reservations and the unveiling of price tags for the eagerly anticipated All New Toyota Rumion, available from a base price of Rs. 10,29,000. The grand performance, set to commence on the 8th of September 2023, awaits those who have reserved their seats.”

Let the curtain fall on this masterpiece of automotive innovation, as it awaits its grand debut on the Indian roads.

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