Delhi’s New ‘Shivling’ Fountains – A Blessing or Blasphemy? You Decide!

Delhi's New 'Shivling' Fountains - A Blessing or Blasphemy? You Decide!

In preparation for the upcoming G20 summit in Delhi from September 9th to 10th, some major streets in the city have been given a makeover.

As part of this beautification project, 18 fountains have been set up in various places in the city, and they’re shaped like a revered symbol known as the ‘Shivling.’

However, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the city doesn’t agree with this choice. They believe that these ‘Shivling’-shaped fountains are disrespectful to their religious beliefs and have hurt the feelings of many Hindus.

AAP is calling for action to be taken against the government officials responsible for these fountains, including the Lieutenant Governor (LG), and they want an apology from the BJP.

In response, AAP Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have written to the Special Commissioner of the Delhi Police, asking for action to be taken against L-G VK Saxena and others for what they see as disrespect to the ‘Shivling.’

They say that having these ‘Shivlings’ near the airport, alongside water fountains, has upset people.

Durgesh Pathak, an AAP MLA, said, “We’ve complained to the Delhi Police about this. We’ve also asked for action against the L-G. Since our Constitution protects religious sentiments, we’re ready to take legal action if needed.”

When asked about AAP’s objections to the fountains, Saxena responded by saying, “Firstly, these are not Shivlings, but artistic pieces. People in our country find divinity in everything. You can see them as Yakshini statues or celestial goddesses; it depends on your perspective. These statues symbolize the guardians of wealth, and they’re a symbol of our country’s prosperity,” he explained to the reporters.

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