Dhak Dhak Review: A rare film about biker women races your hearts and spirits 2023

Filmmaker Tarun Dudeja’s ‘Dhak Dhak’ is a captivating story about four adventurous women on a thrilling bike journey. It’s all about their exciting voyage of self-discovery. Check out our detailed review

Dhak Dhak Review: A rare film about biker women races your hearts and spirits
Dhak Dhak Movie Review

Dhak Dhak Review

Influencing individuals is not dependent on aesthetics; it hinges on the power of a compelling narrative.” One such narrative unfolds in ‘Heartbeat Reverberations,’ a tale of four distinct women hailing from diverse backgrounds embarking on an adventurous journey to the Khardung La pass near Leh, astride their respective motorcycles.

Yes, you read that correctly – women, charting their course, living life on their own terms. The sheer contemplation of it is enough to quicken one’s pulse. Let’s delve into the cinematic journey of this tale!

Allow me to introduce you to Sky [Fatima Sana Shaikh], a proficient YouTuber who excels in her craft but grapples with the aftermath of cyber harassment and a fractured relationship. She yearns to carve out her unique identity and emancipate herself from the clutches of humiliation and disgrace.

Her bet is placed on a Barcelona Expo, for which she assembles a triumvirate of other women, poised to narrate a story that has the potential to motivate and stir hearts. In the company of Sky is Mahi [Ratna Pathak Shah], a woman in her sixties, starved of affection and amorous attention. Joining this dynamic ensemble is Umza [Dia Mirza], a spirit previously oppressed by her domineering husband, and Manjari [Sanjana Sanghi], who, cocooned within the shelter of her single mother, is yet to fully emerge.

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What piques one’s curiosity about ‘Heartbeat Reverberations’ is that each of these women undergoes a profound transformation, and their personal narratives are thoughtfully etched, allowing the audience to fully grasp their odysseys.

Writer and director Tarun Dudeja has crafted a substantial backstory for each character, devoid of any inclination to vilify any gender. They are all products of a society steeped in patriarchy, yet this theme is portrayed subtly without being overly conspicuous or heavy-handed. It serves as a discreet and astute commentary. Tarun has also employed the use of thoroughfare and urban art in a poignant manner to impart timely and poignant messages.

Dhak Dhak Movie trailer:

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In a particular scene, while Sky observes her surroundings on the street, the inscription on the wall reads, ‘Where there is determination, a path unfurls.’

The film’s true strength lies in its unwavering commitment to ensuring the characters relish the voyage, the camaraderie, and the ultimate destination. It eschews any theatrical gimmicks, and its authenticity resonates through the unpretentious screenplay. This authenticity is beautifully complemented by an outstanding ensemble cast that wholeheartedly embraced their roles. Their on-screen camaraderie is palpable, and their exchanges are remarkably charming. Despite the real-life age disparity among them, their interactions feel entirely organic and unforced.

Ratna Pathak Shah, portraying Mahi, shines as a luminary. Her portrayal of a Punjabi woman gracefully navigating the balance between tradition and modernity, complete with a Punjabi accent and flamboyance, is nothing short of flawless. Dia brings a sense of vulnerability and serenity to Umza. Her portrayal exudes a deep sense of tranquility, showcasing a woman striving to reclaim her lost confidence, and it’s truly commendable.

Fatima embodies the character of Sky with a seamless precision. Particularly, the scenes depicting her emotional breakdown are executed with exceptional finesse. Sanjana aptly portrays a young woman on the cusp of self-discovery hailing from a small town, and her performance exudes authenticity. Together, the ensemble cast evokes laughter and, at times, even tugs at the heartstrings.

Nevertheless, the film does feel somewhat protracted in its content. A more concise screenplay would have been the icing on the cake. The background music, while effective in certain moments, largely fades into obscurity. However, the visuals and cinematography compensate for these minor shortcomings.

‘Dhak Dhak’ sets your heart and spirit racing, inspiring you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. As Mahi eloquently puts it in the film, ‘Happiness can be found the moment you open your eyes.’

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