India-China Relations Strained by New Map Dispute

India-China Relations Strained by New Map Dispute

In recent times, China asked India to stay calm about a new map they showed. This map included areas that both countries claim as theirs.

India didn’t like this and got upset. They disagreed with China’s map, which showed parts of India as belonging to China.

China told everyone to not make a big deal out of it and not overthink it.

At the same time, there were rumors that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, might not go to a meeting in India. Some people said another leader might go instead. But China didn’t confirm this officially.

People talked about whether the disagreement about the map influenced Xi Jinping’s decision. But there wasn’t clear proof of this.

Other countries also had issues with China’s map. Philippines and Malaysia didn’t like how China claimed parts of the sea as theirs. Taiwan, which China wants to control, also didn’t agree with the map.

Even Nepal, a neighboring country, had problems. They didn’t like how the map ignored their own border changes, which had already caused problems with India.

All of this happened because China released a new map in 2023. This was just a short time after Indian and Chinese leaders met in South Africa.

India’s foreign minister said China’s map was not fair. After that, both countries agreed to try and calm things down along the disputed border.

But China didn’t change its mind. They said their map was right and backed by history.

Whenever China tries to claim parts of India, India gets upset. It’s like a repeating problem.

The border between India and China is not clear. It’s a long line of more than 3,000 kilometers where soldiers from both sides stand facing each other. This causes tensions.

China says a big part of India, Arunachal Pradesh, belongs to them. They also call it “South Tibet.” But India disagrees and says a mountain area called Aksai Chin is theirs.

In 2020, there was a big fight between Indian and Chinese soldiers in a place called Galwan Valley. It was the first fight like this in a long time, since 1975.

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