Top Indian cricket players salary: Latest Updated (2023)

Indian cricket players salary
Indian cricket players salary list

Get the complete details about “Indian cricket players salary in 2023″. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is incharge of rules & regulation for indian cricket team men & women. Cricket players’ salaries are divided into Four grades: A+,A, B, and C. A+ players are receiving INR 7 crore. Those in Grade A gets INR 5 Crore, Grade B gets INR 3 Crore & Grade C gets INR 1 Crore each. Apart from the BCCI annual salary, the players will also receive an income for playing in every Test, ODI, and T20I match.

Cricket players Match Fee Per Match

An Indian player has a fixed match fee of Rs 15 lakh for a Test match. For an ODI, a player earns Rs 6 lakh while he earns Rs 3 lakh for every T20I. Those who don’t make it to the playing XI draw 50% of the match fee.

Women Cricket Player Match Fee Per Match

Last year BCCI Secretary Jay shah announced that BCCI will pay same match fee to women crickets. He tweeted from his tweeter account while announcing the news. He said “He is pleased to inform BCCI’s first step towards tackling discrimination. They are implementing pay equity policy for contracted @BCCIWomen cricketers. The match fee for both Men and Women Cricketers will be same as we move into a new era of gender equality in Indian Cricket”.

Indian Cricket Players Salary 2023 Per Annum

GradeS.No.Name Salary
A+1Rohit SharmaINR 7 Cr.
A+2Virat KohliINR 7 Cr.
A+3Jasprit BumrahINR 7 Cr.
A+4Ravindra JadejaINR 7 Cr.
A1Hardik PandyaINR 5 Cr.
A2R AshwinINR 5 Cr.
A3Mohd. ShamiINR 5 Cr.
A4Rishabh PantINR 5 Cr.
A5Axar PatelINR 5 Cr.
B1Cheteshwar PujaraINR 3 Cr.
B2K L RahulINR 3 Cr.
B3Shreyas IyerINR 3 Cr.
B4Mohd. SirajINR 3 Cr.
B5Suryakumar YadavINR 3 Cr.
B6Shubhman GillINR 3 Cr.
C1Umesh YadavINR 1 Cr.
C2Shikhar DhawanINR 1 Cr.
C3Shardul ThakurINR 1 Cr.
C4Ishan KishanINR 1 Cr.
C5Deepak HoodaINR 1 Cr.
C6Yuzvendra ChahalINR 1 Cr.
C7Kuldeep YadavINR 1 Cr.
C8Washington SundarINR 1 Cr.
C9Sanju SamsonINR 1 Cr.
C10Arshdeep SinghINR 1 Cr.
C11KS BharatINR 1 Cr.
Source BCCI website

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Bonus Reward for Indian Cricketers

Indian cricketers also get rewarded for their top performances.
Here’s the breakdown.

  • If a player scores 100 runs in a Test or ODI match, they get Rs 500,000.
  • If they score a double century (200 runs) in a Test match, they get Rs 700,000.
  • If a player takes 5 wickets in a Test, ODI, or T20 match, they get Rs 500,000.
  • If they take 10 wickets in a Test match, they get Rs 700,000.

Indian cricket players salary (FAQs)

How are cricket players’ salaries structured in the Indian cricket team?

The salaries for Indian cricket players are divided into four grades: A+, A, B, and C. A+ players receive INR 7 crore, Grade A players get INR 5 crore, Grade B players receive INR 3 crore, and Grade C players receive INR 1 crore annually.

Do cricket players receive additional income for playing matches?

Yes, in addition to their annual salaries, players receive a match fee for every Test, ODI, and T20I match they play.

What is the match fee for Indian male cricket players?

For Test matches, Indian male players earn a fixed match fee of Rs 15 lakh. For ODIs, the match fee is Rs 6 lakh, and for T20Is, it is Rs 3 lakh. Players who don’t make it to the playing XI still receive 50% of the match fee.

4. Is there a similar match fee structure for female cricket players in India?

Yes, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah announced a pay equity policy for contracted women cricketers. They receive the same match fee as their male counterparts for Test matches (Rs 15 lakh), ODIs (Rs 6 lakh), and T20Is (Rs 3 lakh).

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