Donald Trump is dead,’ claims hacked X account of former US President’s son

Amidst a multitude of publications, one particular post promulgated a spurious notion, insinuating the demise of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump

Donald Trump is dead,' claims hacked X account of former US President's son
Is Donald trump dead?

Is Donald Trump dead?

In this Blog You will be know that is donald trump dead? In a recent online security breach, the X account (formerly known as Twitter) of Donald Trump Jr., the son of former United States President Donald Trump, was hacked. During this breach, some false posts were shared. Among them, there was one that falsely claimed that Donald Trump, the former president, had passed away. The post, which has now been deleted, stated, ‘I’m sad to announce that my father, Donald Trump, has passed away. I’ll be running for president in 2024..

is donald trump dead

In another online discussion, people were talking about the current President, Joe Biden. Unfortunately, the conversation became negative with a lot of harsh language. One post even said, ‘Breaking News: The situation with North Korea is getting very tense.’ And there was another post suggesting that the President had exchanged messages with Jeffrey Epstein, who passed away mysteriously in a New York jail four years ago.

The compromised account also posted a message asserting that crypto figure Richard Heart, accused of embezzling $12 million from investors, is entirely blameless.

After those posts went viral, Andrew Surabian, who speaks for Donald Trump Jr., quickly said that someone had hacked Don’s account. He made it clear: ‘Just so you know, this claim is totally untrue. Don’s account was hacked.’ But he didn’t say anything about who might have done it.

In recent news, we have an update about former President Donald Trump. He’s decided not to participate in the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate in California. Instead, he’ll be giving a speech to a group of union workers. This change comes as he gets involved in a dispute between the striking workers and a major American automaker, as reported by Reuters with information from an aide.

Donald Trump has been critical of President Biden’s electric vehicle policies and is encouraging autoworkers to support him. Last week, the United Auto Workers union began a strike against the three biggest U.S. auto companies, mainly over pay and other benefits.

This isn’t the first time Trump has skipped a Republican primary debate. Despite various legal issues, recent opinion polls show him leading by nearly 50 percentage points over his closest rival. This decision follows his earlier choice to skip the first Republican presidential debate in Wisconsin last month.

is donald trump dead

is donald trump dead

is donald trump dead

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