UP Shocker: 7-Year-Old Boy Accused of ‘Raping’ 5-Year-Old Girl in Kanpur

kanpur rape case
Kanpur rape case

7-year-old boy accused 5-year-old girl Kanpur rape Case.

This Article is about Kanpur rape case, A very upsetting incident, a seven-year-old boy is accused of harming a five-year-old girl in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat district. This happened on a Sunday night when the girl’s mother reported that the boy from their neighborhood had harmed her daughter.

The girl’s mother explained that her daughter was playing outside when this happened. The police got involved, and both kids were taken to the district hospital. The hospital check confirmed the harm.

In a significant discovery, section 82 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860, found in Chapter IV, clearly says that “kids under seven can’t be blamed for any crimes.” So, if a child is under seven, they can’t be held responsible for doing something wrong.

Inspector Satish Singh from the Akbarpur Kotwali police station wants us to be careful when dealing with cases involving kids. He explained, “If a child under seven does something wrong, it’s not considered a crime like it is for adults. But we’ll still take the necessary steps in this case after consulting with our legal experts. We reported this incident on Tuesday.

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