PMPL Turkey Fall 2023: Teams, Format, Prize Pool, Date & Time, Match Schedule

PMPL Turkey Fall 2023: Teams, Format, Prize Pool, Date & Time, Match Schedule
PMPL Turkey Fall 2023: Teams, Format, Prize Pool, Date & Time, Match Schedule

Broadcasting Team:

Commentator: To be announced

The Format:

League Phase: August 25th – October 1st, 2023

This article is about PMPL Turkey Fall 2023: Teams, Format, Prize Pool, Date & Time, Match Schedule. This stage will feature 20 teams from PMPL Türkiye Spring 2023. It will last for 6 weeks, divided into two 2-week segments:

The League Battles:

In this phase, the 20 teams are split into 5 groups. They play a total of 12 matches out of 15 in a round-robin format. After this, the top 16 teams advance to the Super Weekend.

The Super Weekend:

Here, the top 16 teams engage in 15 matches over 3 days, with 5 matches each day. The top 12 teams from this stage get a chance to compete in a special match on the unique Livik map. Only the points earned during these Super Weekends count towards the overall standings. The top 16 teams will then move on to the Finals.

The Grand Finals: October 6th – 8th, 2023

A total of 16 strong teams will battle it out in a series of matches.


Stage League Phase Super Weekend

StageLeague PhaseSuper Weekend
1Aug 25th – 27thSep 1st – 3rd
2Sep 11th – 13thSep 15th – 17th
3Sep 22nd – 24thSep 29th – Oct 1st
FinalsOct 6th – 8th

Maps and Groups:

MatchGroupDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
6Top 12N/ALivikN/AN/AN/AN/A

The top 8 teams earn a spot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League European Championship, happening during PMPL European Championship Fall 2023.

The Rewards:

A prize pool in USD (exact amount undisclosed) will be distributed among the participants as follows:

1st PlaceTBA
2nd PlaceTBA
3rd PlaceTBA
4th PlaceTBA
5th to 20th PlaceTBA

The Teams:

Team NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Player 6
FUT EsportsTurkey RipSevinnnTurkey KairosTurkey ArwinTurkey SavienTurkey Sh1sHH
Ozarox EsportsTurkey SefirTurkey StormTurkey SwainTurkey CortexTurkey FalconistTurkey Sentinel
Next RüyaTurkey FrozeNNXTurkey YEKTATurkey DokunmaTurkey ZwolfTurkey FreakTurkey ASG
Fire Flux EsportsTurkey SoullessTurkey KecthTurkey LutzTurkey SolkayTurkey SIXMOTurkey Tyler
Regnum Carya EsportsTurkey TronTurkey WildTurkey LoxyTurkey EzellTurkey Kozki
White EsportsNotesTurkey Enjoyy7Turkey SonHPTurkey PeaceTurkey Lhyow
BRA EsportsTurkey KorcerrahTurkey ElvisTurkey KircaliTurkey TospikTurkey KeinTurkey Florenzi
Melise EsportsTurkey LewisTurkey KissYouTurkey CEOLATERTurkey PoserTurkey FE4RLES2
Mavidance EsportsTurkey NihatTurkey Sprone9Turkey AndoreXKyrgyzstan KYMYZTurkey TOKIOO
Getso EsportsTurkey SnozTurkey LostTurkey UziTurkey CrawlTurkey Kyron
Bad Boys RebornTurkey SexyTurkey Dark7Turkey SeacyTurkey Happy16Turkey NykoTurkey Pusher
Kaos EsportsTurkey LordCedricTurkey Demon666Turkey SlayTurkey SnozzyTurkey MATKAP
S2G EsportsTurkey SylasTurkey CalseTurkey HamsiGTurkey RayZTurkey For1stTurkey Bluffist
Digital AthleticsTurkey SCARFACETurkey UPFORTurkey ColdexTurkey CrespoTurkey ViraTurkey JustB20
İstanbul WildcatsTurkey BORANTurkey DefoexTurkey LuxTurkey ZEBTIMUSTurkey Akiss77
Black EsportsNotesTurkey KnoxTurkey RebelionTurkey Raxy7Turkey SEILONTurkey FATIHC
GMT EsportsAzerbaijan Clutch19Turkey OwnerPAzerbaijan GHOSTAzerbaijan SLOWMOTurkey KamikazeAzerbaijan SHERIFF
Galatasaray EsportsTurkey LovazinTurkey RaumTurkey GRAKSYTurkey SymphonyTurkey ZafoxTurkey iMCMV
GalakticosTurkey Scarlet7Turkey JEWELTurkey Upp9KTurkey NuthixTurkey Jonsnow
HOWL EsportsNotesTurkey ZessyTurkey BeastXTurkey XrayTurkey OskarGGTurkey RediusTurkey Niclas

League Groups:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup E
Bad Boys RebornGalakticosİstanbul WildcatsBRA EsportsDigital Athletics
Black EsportsKaos EsportsGalatasaray EsportsFire Flux EsportsHOWL Esports
FUT EsportsMavidance EsportsMelise EsportsGMT EsportsRegnum Carya Esports
Getso EsportsOzarox EsportsNext RüyaS2G EsportsWhite Esports

Overall Standings:

TeamTotalPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Ozarox Esports255128127
S2G Esports24514699
Next Rüya241101140
Fire Flux Esports22893135
Regnum Carya Esports20397106
Melise Esports19313162
HOWL Esports1798297
FUT Esports17610274
BRA Esports1596495
Galatasaray Esports1366076
White Esports1238241
Digital Athletics116116
Black Esports1036934
Kaos Esports9393
İstanbul Wildcats8787
Getso Esports6767
Mavidance Esports3838
GMT Esports1717
Bad Boys Reborn0

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