Rahul Gandhi’s Incredible Railway Station Adventure!

Rahul Gandhi's Incredible Railway Station Adventure!
Rahul Gandhi’s Incredible Railway Station Adventure!

“Rahul Gandhi’s Heartfelt Interaction with Railway Porters: A Viral Moment”

This article is about Rahul Gandhi’s Incredible Railway Station Adventure! In a recent event at Delhi’s Anand Vihar Railway Station, Rahul Gandhi, a 53-year-old leader, had a chat with porters and laborers who work there. There’s this viral video where the porters are all around him, and they put a trolley bag on his head.

He wore a red “coolie” shirt and had a badge on his arm. He even tried carrying luggage on his head, which people found pretty cool. In the video, you can see all the porters cheering for him, shouting “Rahul Gandhi Zindabad!” There’s another video where he’s wearing the red shirt, and a porter is putting a badge on his arm.

Rahul came to the railway station to talk to these workers and find out about their problems, as the Congress party said.

Rahul Gandhi’s Incredible Railway Station Adventure!

The party posted on social media, “Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the people, met with the porters at Anand Vihar railway station in Delhi today. They wanted to meet him after seeing a viral video of the porters. Today, Rahul went there and listened to them. This is part of the ‘Bharat Jodo’ campaign.”

Srinivas BV, the President of Youth Congress, shared the video of Rahul carrying bags at the railway station with a song from an old movie in the background. He called Rahul a “People’s Hero.”

This visit is just one of the many times Rahul has reached out to the public. Before this, he met with delivery workers in Bengaluru and even rode one of their scooters. He also visited the Azadpur Mandi in Delhi and talked to the sellers and workers there.

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