RDX Ott Release Date Officially Confirmed; Know When and Where To Watch:

Directed By Nahas Hidayath RDX: Robert Dony Xavier stars Antony Varghese Shane Nigam and Neeraj Mahadev in the lead roles with Mahima Nambiar in the pivotal Role.

RDX Ott Release Date
RDX Ott Release Date.

After a successful theatrical run, ‘RDX: Robert Dony Xavier,’ Nahas Hidayath’s female foray into the world of action movies, is prepared for its electronic premiere. Both audiences and critics have praised the movie, praising in particular the cast’s great performances and the visually spectacular activity groupings. Three young people share a passion for hand-to-hand combat in the story “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier.” Learn when and where you can watch “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” on your preferred web platform.

RDX OTT Release Date:

In This Article You Read About RDX OTT Release Date: Exciting news for all you Netflix fans! On September 24, 2023, get ready for the release of “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier.”

The movie stars Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, Neeraj Madhav, and Mahima Nambiar in a significant role. Recently, Mahima Nambiar talked about her experience working with Shane Nigam and why she decided to be part of ‘RDX’ in an interview with The Indian Express.

She said, “I was confident that the film would have a big impact on the screen when it’s shown in theaters. The story was captivating, and the way my character was developed fascinated me. It wasn’t just my role; all the characters in ‘RDX’ go through changes as the story unfolds in two different time periods: the 90s and the present. This made me believe that my character would grow and change in many ways.

The first scene I shot with Shane was very intense. I remember that the whole crew, including the producers, were there, watching my performance to see how I compared to Shane in terms of energy and performance. I feel like I learned a lot from Shane by watching his acting and down-to-earth style, and how naturally he comes across. My experience working with him has been very enlightening,” she added.

Apart from Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, and Neeraj Madhav, the movie also includes Lal, Babu Antony, Aima Rosmy Sebastian, Maala Parvathi, and Baiju in its cast. This film made around Rs 46 crore at the Indian box office and was a big hit.

RDX OTT Release Date

RDX OTT Release Date

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