Revolutionizing Dashboards: Skoda’s Superb & Kodiaq Unveil Stunning New Designs!

Revolutionizing Dashboards: Skoda's Superb & Kodiaq Unveil Stunning New Designs!

Anticipating their upcoming premieres in the fall season, the next iterations of Skoda’s Superb and Kodiaq models unveil fresh dashboards, blending modern and traditional elements into a harmonious fusion. Although these two vehicles showcase expansive displays akin to those found in various recent models, they retain a set of conventional buttons, bordered by a trio of rotary dials equipped with embedded screens measuring 1.25 inches (32 millimeters) diagonally. These dials, referred to as Smart Dials, facilitate access to a range of customizable settings.

The functionality of these compact screens varies based on the equipped level of features. The outer pair of rotary push-buttons govern interior temperature adjustments and control seat heating/ventilation for both the driver and front passenger. Meanwhile, the central dial serves a multifaceted role, encompassing control over volume, fan speed, air direction, smart AC, map zooming, and driving modes. Engaging with the central dial by pressing down enables seamless transition between these functions, with customization options accessible through the infotainment’s menu.

In the realm of infotainment, the 2024 iterations of the Superb and Kodiaq models boast a 13-inch touchscreen, paired with a 10-inch digital instrument cluster and complemented by a head-up display. One of the most significant changes from the outgoing model involves the repositioning of the gear selector to the steering wheel column. This strategic move has enabled Skoda to declutter the space between the front seats and enhance storage possibilities.

Distinguishing between the two, the Superb displays vertical fins on its dashboard and discreetly positioned air vents, while the Kodiaq features an expanded leather area on the passenger side of the dash, along with vertical vents. The LED ambient light strip graces the area below the central air vents in the liftback/wagon version and hovers above them in the SUV variant. Both models house a USB-C port within the rearview mirror and offer smartphone wireless charging at 15W. Notably, the Kodiaq takes this further by providing active cooling for two connected devices.

In keeping with Skoda’s distinctive approach, a dedicated niche within the front door is reserved for storing an umbrella. Moreover, the vehicles provide up to four USB-C ports with a robust power output of 45W, in addition to an ice scraper, eco-friendly massaging seats, and upholstery crafted entirely from recycled polyester.

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