Shocking Revelations: Adhir Ranjan Exposes Government’s Election Agenda!

Shocking Revelations: Adhir Ranjan Exposes Government's Election Agenda!
Congress Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has refused to be on the panel which will examine the proposal of One Nation One Election. (Photo Credit to Hindustan Times)

The idea of “One Nation One Election,” which suggests holding all elections together, is now under scrutiny due to some legal concerns. The way the committee responsible for this idea is set up has raised doubts about whether it will make any other recommendations.

Adhir Ranjan, who leads the Congress party in the Lok Sabha, has decided not to be part of this committee. In a formal letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he explained that the committee’s terms seem designed to ensure that it concludes in favor of simultaneous elections. In his words, “I have no doubt in declining to be part of a committee with such terms. It seems more like a show.”

He also questioned the government’s motives for pushing this idea so suddenly, just before general elections. He said, “The sudden attempt to introduce this idea, which is constitutionally uncertain and practically difficult, raises doubts about the government’s real intentions.”

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