Weather Alert: Delhi Hits Scorching 40.1°C – What’s Next for the Capital?

Weather Alert: Delhi Hits Scorching 40.1°C - What's Next for the Capital?

In New Delhi, it was really hot on Monday. The temperature hit 40.1 degrees Celsius, which is six degrees higher than usual. The weather forecast for Tuesday says there will be clouds, and there might be a little rain at night.

Tomorrow, it’ll be around 37 degrees Celsius during the day and 27 degrees Celsius at night. On Monday, it was a bit warmer than usual at 26.3 degrees Celsius.

The air quality in Delhi wasn’t great on Monday. It was in the “poor” category with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 233 at 8 pm. Just so you know, AQI has different levels, and “poor” is not good. The scale goes from “good” (0-50) to “satisfactory” (51-100), “moderate” (101-200), “poor” (201-300), “very poor” (301-400), and “severe” (401-500).

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