What is Kati Bihu Festival, Why and How? This Celebrate, Holiday 2023

What is Kati Bihu Festival
Kati Bihu 2023.

What is Kati Bihu Festival?

People of Assam celebrate Kati Bihu festival, in Kati Bihu festival the Assamese people shifting the rice crops and the start new harvesting.

Kati Bihu festival celebrated by the Assamese people on the ‘Kati’ month which usually comes in the middle of October, Kati Bihu 2023 falls on October 18 this year.

Why is Kati Bihu Celebrated?

A Celebration of Roots and Togetherness

During this day, folks in Assam take a break from their daily routines to remember their ancestors. They prepare a path from the fields to their homes, symbolizing the journey of bringing their ancestors back home. It’s a heartwarming tradition that reminds them of their deep ties to the earth and their heritage.

How is Kati Bihu Celebrated in Assam?

On the day of Kati Bihu festival, people celebrate the festival by visiting each other’s house and on this day, they cook good food and eat together, this is the day they take leave from their work.

is Kati Bihu a State Holiday in Assam

Yes, On the day of Kati Bihu, all the people celebrate this festival with their families at their homes and also go to each other’s house and this day is a holiday for the entire Assam state.

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