World Food Day 2023: History, Significance.

World Food Day 2023, every October 16th, focuses on global food security, ensuring everyone has enough to eat, no matter where they are.

World Food Day 2023: Theme, History, Significance.
World Food Day 2023.

World Food Day 2023: Theme, History, Significance.

World Food Day, observed annually on October 16, serves as a platform to address global food security and raise awareness about hunger worldwide. This significant day unites organizations like the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme in the mission to combat starvation and promote healthy diets. Let’s remember, millions suffer from hunger, and through events like WFD, we can make a difference.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, established in 1945, played a crucial role in shaping World Food Day. It took 34 years for this idea to become a global holiday. In 1979, during the FAO Conference, World Food Day was officially recognized as a worldwide celebration. Over 150 countries joined in marking this important day of festivity.


In 2023 World food Day Theme Is – “Water is life, water is food. water is everything Leave no one behind”.

Water is necessary for life on Earth. It covers the majority of the Earth’s surface, makes up over 50% of our bodies, produces our food, and supports livelihoods. But this precious resource is not infinite, and we need to stop taking it for granted. What we eat, and how all the food is produced and all affect water. Together, we can take water action for food and be the change, says the Food and Agriculture Organisations of the United States on its official website.

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