BGMI Tips and Tricks: Discover the Top Loot-Heavy Drop Spots for Victorious Chicken Dinners 2023!

Campo Militar, Cosmodrome, and Sosnovka Military Base are premier loot destinations.

BGMI Tips and Tricks
BGMI Tips and Tricks on Loot.

BGMI Tips and Tricks for Heavy Loot.

To become great at BGMI and ensure your success, you need to know the best places to land for awesome loot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro; where you land can make a big difference in how well you do in this battle royale game. According to an HT Tech report, there are three top spots where you can find the best loot to give you an advantage.

Sosnovka Military Base, Erangel

Erangel is one of the original BGMI maps, and it’s famous not just among gamers. Many spots on this map have great loot, but be ready for some tough competition. Players of all levels flock to these places for the goodies. If you want a less crowded spot, try landing at Sosnovka Military Base, Georgopool, Pochinki, School Appartments, Yasnaya Polyana, It’s full of loot, and there’s plenty of room to gear up. Plus, you have a better shot at finding Level 3 gear here.

Campo Militar, Miramar

According to a report, some folks think that the loot at Campo Militar has gotten worse with updates, and they’re kind of right. There’s not as much top-level gear as before, but you can still find good stuff for a few squads if they get there first. The catch is, Campo Militar is way up in the far northeast of the map, so a lot of players head there, making it a tough place to loot.

Cosmodrome, Vikendi 

Vikendi may not be the biggest BGMI map, but it has lots of different places to explore. Just remember, there aren’t many top-level loot spots around, except for Cosmodrome – that’s where you’ll find Level 3 gear.

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You’ll discover plenty of buildings to search for supplies, some of them tall, which can be handy for staying safe when things get tricky. And if you need to sneak away from an enemy, there are underground tunnels to help you escape.

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