A Quick Guide on How to Create AI Stickers on WhatsApp 2023.

Meta’s AI service has brought a new feature to WhatsApp, allowing it to create AI-generated stickers. This exciting addition makes WhatsApp even cooler.

A Quick Guide on How to Create AI Stickers on WhatsApp.
In Upcoming WhatsApp Update You’ll be Able to Create AI Stickers.

How to Create AI Stickers on WhatsApp.

Meta has added some cool AI features to WhatsApp to make chatting even better. One of these features is AI Stickers.

AI Stickers let you create your own personalized stickers using Meta’s AI. These stickers work in English and are available in some countries.

Creating AI stickers is easy:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, start a chat, and tap the Smiley icon, then the sticker icon.
  2. Select “create” and follow the steps.
  3. Describe the stickers you want to create.
  4. The app will make four stickers for you. Choose your favorite or edit them.
  5. When you’re happy with your sticker, send it to your friends.

On another note, WhatsApp is giving its Android version a fresh look. It’s getting rid of the green bar in chats, making it look more like Google’s style.

This update will first come to a small group of beta users and includes new icons to make WhatsApp look better. They’re also changing the colors for dark and light modes, including chat bubbles and buttons.

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What are AI stickers on WhatsApp?

AI stickers on WhatsApp are a creative feature that allows users to generate personalized stickers using artificial intelligence (AI) technology provided by Meta. These stickers can be added to your conversations to make them more fun and engaging.

How do I create AI stickers on WhatsApp?

To create AI stickers on WhatsApp, follow these steps: Open a chat, tap the Smiley icon, then the sticker icon. Select “create” and provide a description for the stickers you want to make. The app will generate stickers for you to choose from or modify. Once you’re satisfied, send your sticker to your friends.

In which languages are AI stickers supported?

Currently, WhatsApp’s AI stickers exclusively support the English language. You need to provide descriptions in English to create AI stickers.

Are AI stickers available worldwide?

AI stickers are not available worldwide; their availability is limited to select countries. Be sure to check if this feature is accessible in your region.

What’s the latest interface update for WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp is rolling out a fresh interface for Android users. This update removes the green bar in the main chat area, aligning with Google’s Material Design 3 guidelines.

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