Chinese E-commerce Sites Reduce iPhone 15 Prices Due to Slower Sales Compared to iPhone 14: Report

In This Article You Read About Why Chinese E-commerce Sites Reduce iPhone 15 Prices.

Chinese E-commerce Sites Reduce iPhone 15 Series Prices Due to Slower Sales Compared to iPhone 14: Report
Chinese E-commerce Sites Reduce iPhone 15 Prices. (Photo Google)

Chinese E-commerce Sites Reduce iPhone 15 Prices Due to Slower Sales

Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo by PDD Holdings and Taobao by Alibaba are currently offering substantial price reductions on Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series. Certain models are being sold at prices up to 900 yuan ($123) lower than the original retail cost, according to a report from Reuters.

Per insights from analysts, the iPhone 15 is undergoing reduced sales in China when compared to its predecessor. Counterpoint Research has reported a 4.5 percent decline in iPhone 15 sales in China during the initial 17 days following its release to the market, in contrast to the iPhone 14.

Notably, Apple occasionally authorizes partner vendors to extend discounts in an effort to stimulate demand within the Chinese market. Nevertheless, Chinese e-commerce platforms are embroiled in fierce competition, with a particular emphasis on offering value for money. This becomes especially pertinent as consumers become increasingly budget-conscious, given the backdrop of a slowing economy. This focus on discounting remains a central strategy, particularly as the annual Singles Day shopping festival approaches, as mentioned in the report from Reuters.

Pinduoduo, for instance, is presently making the 128 GB edition of the iPhone 15 Plus available for 6,098 yuan, which signifies a 900 yuan discount from Apple’s original retail price of 6,999 yuan, in accordance with Reuters’ findings.

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Additionally, the 512 GB iPhone 15 Pro Max, initially valued at 11,999 yuan at Apple’s store, can now be obtained for 10,698 yuan through Alibaba’s Taobao e-commerce platform.

The information regarding these discounts on the iPhone 15 offered by e-commerce platforms was first unveiled by The Economic Observer weekly newspaper on Monday.

In the midst of these developments, Tim Cook recently paid an unexpected visit to Luxshare’s Apple Watch factory located near Shanghai. He lauded the assembler’s efforts in crafting Apple’s most advanced products. In a video shared on social media, Cook wore a smile and nodded approvingly as he engaged in conversation with Wang, the chairwoman of Luxshare, and observed the use of solar panels to power the factory.

Even as Apple endeavors to reduce its reliance on China in general, the company is increasingly counting on one Chinese firm whose expertise in assembling the tech giant’s products has proven too invaluable to overlook.

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