Disney+ Hotstar Maxview Feature: Changing How You Watch Live Matches!

Hotstar Maxview Feature

Hotstar Maxview Get ready for a whole new way to enjoy your favourite sports! Disney+ Hotstar is introducing an awesome feature called “MaxView” and it’s going to change how we used to watch live cricket matches.

What is Hotstar Maxview? 

Hotstar Maxview lets you watch live games in portrait mode! its similar to  interface of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. It’s all about making your sports experience more fun and personalised.

Hotstar Maxview Preview. (credit- Disney hotstar)

Normally, we’re used to watching live matches in widescreen, like when you watch content on netflix. But MaxView flips the script. Now, you can hold your phone vertically and still catch all the action. Imagine watching your favourite cricket match on your phone just like you do with your favourite youtube short videos.

How to turn on maxview?

To use Hotstar’s Max View feature, the first step is to update (rolling automatically) your mobile application. After updating, during live streaming, you will see a blue-colored icon of Max View in the middle on the right side. Clicking on it will display “Turn Off.” Clicking on it again will turn it on.

Hotstar is offering free live streaming of the entire World Cup for all mobile users this time. However, for desktop users, a premium subscription is required.

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This feature is perfect for the people who love using their phones upright. It’s like having the stadium right in your hand. Feel the excitement of the game without missing a beat, all while holding your phone the way that feels most comfortable for you.

Disney+ Hotstar offers a World Cup 2023 free Live Streaming on its website and app. You can watch free live stream on mobile with any sim provider.  This stream is available in India only.


MaxView isn’t just a new thing to try; it’s changing the game in how we enjoy sports on our screens. As the world of streaming keeps getting better, Disney+ Hotstar is leading the way by giving us something we didn’t even know we needed. Get ready for MaxView—it’s like having a front-row seat to your favorite sports, all from the convenience of your phone! 🏟📱

Download disney+ hotstar or check for update.


What is Disney+ Hotstar MaxView?

MaxView is a new feature on Disney+ Hotstar that lets you watch live matches in portrait mode on your mobile device.

How is MaxView different from regular widescreen viewing?

Normally, live matches are watched in widescreen, but MaxView flips the script by allowing you to enjoy the game in portrait mode. It’s a fresh and immersive way to catch all the sports action.

Can I use MaxView on any device?

As of now, MaxView is designed for mobile devices. So, whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you’re good to go!

Is there any additional cost for using MaxView?

No, MaxView is part of your Disney+ Hotstar subscription. So, there’s no extra cost to enjoy the new way of watching live sports!

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