G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News
G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

The G20 Summit in New Delhi: A Diplomatic Transition

This artical is about G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News. In the vibrant heart of New Delhi, on September 10, the G20 summit came to an end. It marked the moment when India passed the leadership of the group to Brazil. During this transition, something interesting happened. Both the United States and Russia chose not to blame Moscow for its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Instead, they encouraged all member countries not to use military force.

Narendra Modi’s Call for Progress

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an important figure in this event, suggested that the group’s leaders meet virtually in November. Their goal would be to check how things are going with the ideas and plans they discussed over the weekend. He said, “We need to look at the suggestions made and see how we can make progress faster.”

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

A Surprising Consensus on Ukraine

On the second-to-last day of the summit, the group shared a statement from its leaders. It didn’t directly criticize Russia for its actions in Ukraine. Instead, it focused on the suffering caused by the conflict and asked all nations not to use force to claim territory.

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

This agreement was a bit surprising. In the weeks leading up to the summit, there were strong disagreements about the war. Western countries wanted everyone to criticize Russia for its actions, while Russia said it would block any decision that didn’t support its views.

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

Russia’s Perspective on the Summit

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, saw the summit as a success, not only for India but also for the Global South, which includes developing countries from around the world. He explained, “India has really united G20 members from the Global South.”

Mixed Reactions and Future Implications

Germany and Britain also supported the agreement, but Ukraine was not happy with it. French President Emmanuel Macron reminded everyone that the G20 was originally created to solve economic problems, not political ones. He said, “The G20 statement doesn’t make Russia look good. It shows that most G20 countries condemn the war in Ukraine and its effects.” Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, added, “Russia’s actions in Ukraine could harm the cooperation within the G20.”

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

Expanding the G20: The African Union Joins

Something else worth noting is that the African Union, which has 55 member countries, became a permanent part of the G20. This shows that the G20 is trying to include more developing countries.

Food Security and Russia’s Offer

As for food security, Russia said it would consider going back to a deal about the Black Sea. This deal allowed Ukraine to sell grain to Russia. But Russia left the agreement in July because Ukraine didn’t do what Russia asked about food and fertilizer exports. The summit document emphasized that it’s important to have a safe flow of grain, food, and fertilizer from both Ukraine and Russia. Now, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey are going to talk more about this deal. The President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, thinks there’s still hope for it.

G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News

Honoring Mahatma Gandhi: A Symbolic Gesture

On Sunday, some of the world’s leaders, like U.S. President Joe Biden, Germany’s Olaf Scholz, Britain’s Rishi Sunak, France’s Emmanuel Macron, and Japan’s Fumio Kishida, visited the memorial for Mahatma Gandhi. They walked barefoot to honor Gandhi, who was assassinated in 1948.

Leaders Depart, Reflections Begin

Notably, President Biden left early and didn’t attend the last part of the summit. The White House said he didn’t have any meetings with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov or China’s Premier Li Qiang, who led their country’s delegations at the summit. Both China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin didn’t attend the summit.

Summit Challenges and Long Negotiations

Reflecting on the summit, Svetlana Lukash, the Russian G20 government negotiator, described it as one of the toughest in the forum’s nearly twenty-year history. She said that it took almost 20 days of talks to agree on the statement before the summit and five more days during the event itself.

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FAQs of (G20 Summit Pm Modi Latest News)

What is the G20 summit in New Delhi all about?

The G20 summit in New Delhi marked the transition of the bloc’s leadership from India to Brazil. During this event, world leaders gathered to discuss various international issues, with a particular focus on the conflict in Ukraine.

What was the surprising consensus at the summit regarding Ukraine?

Surprisingly, both the United States and Russia refrained from directly criticizing Moscow for its role in the Ukrainian conflict. Instead, the leaders emphasized the human suffering caused by the conflict and urged all nations not to resort to military force to claim territory.

Why was the consensus on Ukraine unexpected?

In the lead-up to the summit, there were significant differences of opinion on the conflict in Ukraine, with Western nations advocating for a unified stance against Russia, while Russia maintained its position and threatened to veto any resolution that didn’t align with its views.

What role did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi play in the summit?

Prime Minister Modi suggested that the G20 leaders hold a virtual meeting in November to review progress on policy recommendations and objectives discussed during the summit. He emphasized the importance of evaluating suggestions to expedite progress.

How did Russia view the summit’s outcome?

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, considered the summit a success, not only for India but also for the Global South, which includes developing countries worldwide. Lavrov praised India for uniting G20 members from the Global South.

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