Biden on Gaza hospital strike: Looks like the ‘other team’ did it

USA President (Joe Biden) has landed in Israel and is pointing fingers at militant groups Gaza hospital strike. Palestinians believe this explosion caused the deaths of Thousands of people.

Biden on Gaza hospital strike: Looks like the ‘other team’ did it
USA President (Joe Biden) has landed in Israel, (Photo Google)

What Biden Said on Gaza hospital Strike?

Usa President (Joe Biden) arrived in Israel on Wednesday and spoke with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu about the recent air strike on a Gaza hospital, which may have resulted in the deaths of more than 500 hundreds of people of Palestinians. Biden informed Netanyahu that, based on what he had observed, it appeared like someone other than Israel had carried out the strike. He added that there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this and that they must work through it.

Biden expressed deep sadness and outrage over the incident while affirming continued U.S. support for Israel. However, he didn’t provide evidence to support his suggestion that Palestinian militants were responsible for the deadly explosion.

The U.S. has been firmly backing Israel since the violent attack by Hamas on October 7, which triggered significant Israeli retaliation. In a show of support, Washington deployed two aircraft carriers to the region to discourage other parties from entering the conflict.

“I’m eager to discuss what happens next,” USA President Biden mentioned to Isreal PM Netanyahu.

Netanyahu emphasized that “the civilized world must come together to defeat Hamas” and added, “we will conquer Hamas and eliminate this significant threat from our lives.”

When reporters later inquired about his belief that Israel wasn’t responsible for the hospital explosion, Biden responded, “The information I received is from my defense department.”

A spokesperson from the White House National Security Council further clarified in the afternoon, “While we are still gathering information, our current assessment, based on the analysis of aerial imagery, intercepted data, and publicly available information, is that Israel is not responsible for the hospital explosion in Gaza that occurred yesterday.

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