Someone Accused in a Bangladesh Blast Case Got Caught in Pune! Turns out, They Got Their Passport in a Sneaky Way, Dalala Style!

In the neighborhood of Hadapsar in Pune, the Army’s intelligence and local Hadapsar police joined forces to nab six folks from Bangladesh, including a certain Kamrul Mandal.

Here’s the scoop: Pune Police picked up Kamrul Mandal, the guy tied to the Bangladesh bomb blast. Turns out, after he got out on bail, he sneaked into India and got himself a passport in Pune with a little help. Now, the court says he and his Bangladeshi buddies will be in police custody until October 23.

Someone Accused in a Bangladesh Blast Case Got Caught in Pune!

After some digging, they tracked down the middleman supplying these documents to the Bangladeshi crew and snagged the passport.

These Bangladeshis had bank accounts in West Bengal, and they were sending money back home. Kamrul Mandal, one of the detainees, had set off a bomb in Bangladesh, got arrested, got bail, and then sneaked into India. The police are on it, investigating the whole shebang and keeping the court in the loop about what they find.

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