Fragile, defective…’: Netizens share slew of complaints as Apple’s new iPhone 15 goes on sale

iPhones were flagged for a slew of design.
iPhones Flagged for a slew of design.

iPhones flagged for a slew of design.

In This Article You Read About Why iPhones flagged for a slew of design. Apple’s most recent iPhones encountered a barrage of design intricacies and technical anomalies mere hours following their debut last Friday. Enthusiastic tech aficionados took to social media platforms, asserting that the novel device exhibited subpar performance on tests of resilience, exhibited irregular chromaticity, and suffered from various ‘anomalies.’ Despite these vociferous critiques, the demand for Apple’s freshest innovations exhibited resolute strength on that Friday, with multitudes queuing outside retail establishments spanning the globe.

“The inaugural drop test of the iPhone 15 Pro elucidates a durability situation more deleterious than its predecessor, last year’s iPhone 14 Pro! The newfound curvature of its periphery appears to render it more susceptible to fragility than the antecedent’s rectilinear design…” conveyed one post.

An additional segment spotlighted a purported ‘software aberration’ that engendered transient undulations across the screen for a brief interlude.

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Intriguingly, there seems to be a prevalent issue afflicting certain iPhone 15 Pro units. A discerning observer noted an irregular distribution of color, coupled with an apparent misalignment between the screen and the device’s periphery. This revelation surfaced via a Twitter post authored by the user known as Majin Bu.

While some individuals have bestowed the epithet of ‘fingerprint magnet’ upon this novel phone iteration, others have resorted to referencing an official Apple support document to debunk the color transformation phenomenon.

The official Apple statement addressing this matter for both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max posits that the natural oils from one’s skin may fleetingly influence the hue of the device’s outer bezel. To remedy this, the prescribed action entails delicately wiping the iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth, thereby restoring its initial aesthetic allure.

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Today, Apple’s most recent iPhones and watches went on sale in about 40 different countries as a test to see if a new cell phone plan and some modest smartwatch adjustments might help the company get back on track for growth.

The ability to both encourage and satisfy desire in the products will constitute the true test of Apple’s holiday season. The iPhone 15 Ace and Star Max models will compete with Apple’s top vendors throughout the remainder of the year.

iPhones flagged for a slew of design

iPhones flagged for a slew of design

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