Considering Leaving Parliament If: Danish Ali on BJP MP’s Remarks 2023

In a letter to the Speaker, Kunwar Danish Ali explained that a BJP Member of Parliament used very offensive language towards him, which has been recorded in the Lok Sabha’s records

Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha
Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha.

Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha Representing Mayavati’s BSP Party.

In This Article You Read About Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha Controversy, In the heart of New Delhi, Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha member representing Mayawati’s BSP party, expressed deep contemplation about the possibility of departing from the parliamentary arena. His heavy-hearted sentiment stems from the recent incident involving BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri, who employed derogatory and divisive language against him within the hallowed halls of the lower house.

Danish Ali, on the precipice of emotional breakdown while facing the camera, questioned the fate of an ordinary citizen when elected representatives themselves become targets of such communal vitriol. He revealed that the distress had kept him awake through the night, as he felt as though his mind was on the brink of an ‘explosive’ unraveling.

Danish Ali went on to question the intent behind the special parliamentary session, highlighting the unjust targeting of elected MPs based on their communal affiliations. He passionately decried this act as a disgrace that tarnished the reputation of the entire nation. He also hinted at the fate of Ramesh Bidhuri within his own political party, wondering if they would reprimand or endorse his actions. In his eyes, what had transpired was nothing short of hate speech, and he didn’t mince words when conveying his sentiments to NDTV.

The BSP MP took decisive action by submitting a formal letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker, demanding punitive measures against Mr. Bidhuri. The offensive remarks were made during a discussion in the Lok Sabha regarding the “success of Chandrayaan.” Danish Ali lamented that this marked the first instance of such indecent language being hurled at an elected MP, viewing it as a clear threat. He questioned whether this was the ethos being imparted to the future leaders of the “laboratory of new India.”

In his communication to the Speaker, Kunwar Danish Ali underscored the severity of the situation, describing the derogatory invectives directed at him as the most reprehensible. He expressed deep sorrow that such an incident had occurred under the Speaker’s stewardship, especially considering his own status as a minority member of the nation and a duly elected Member of Parliament. In a formal notice under rule 222, 226, and 227 of the rules of procedure and conduct of business in the Lok Sabha, which pertain to reporting breaches of parliamentary privilege, Danish Ali urged the Speaker to refer the matter to the Committee of Privileges for thorough examination, investigation, and reporting.

Concluding his letter, Kunwar Danish Ali emphasized that this was the only viable course of action to instill discipline within an experienced member, thereby preventing any further deterioration of the country’s social atmosphere. He earnestly implored the Speaker to initiate an inquiry into the matter.

In response to the incident, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla issued a stern warning to Ramesh Bidhuri, hinting at the possibility of severe repercussions, and expunged the Islamophobic slurs from the official house records.

Later in the conference, Safeguard Pastor Rajnath Singh expressed grief for the public authority as resistance pioneers vigorously criticized the BJP MP and demanded corrective actions.

The Protection Priest said, “I broaden my sincere expressions of remorse assuming that the resistance has been outraged by the remarks made by our partner.”

In any case, the opposition persisted in their belief that Ramesh Bidhuri’s lack of remorse warranted suspension or at least legal activity.

“This is an absolute disgrace. Rajnath Singh’s apology lacks sincerity and is inadequate. It constitutes an affront to the dignity of the parliament and insults every Indian,” declared Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, demanding the “most stringent possible action” against the BJP leader.

Kunwar Danish Ali Lok Sabha BSP Party Representer. Video Credit Ndtv

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kunwar danish ali lok sabha

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