MotoGP Apologizes for Showing Distorted Map of India During Broadcast 2023!

The picture of the twisted map caused a big argument on social media. Many people on there wanted the global racing group to be more open and honest.

MotoGP Apologizes
MotoGP Apologizes.

MotoGP Apologizes for the Showing Distorted India Map?

In a recent MotoGP motorcycle racing broadcast, there was an apology issued because they showed a map of India that didn’t include Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The MotoGP official social media account, which used to be on Twitter, posted an apology, saying they didn’t mean to say anything negative about India. They just wanted to show support and appreciation for the country.

MotoGP Apologizes!

We’re really sorry to our Indian fans for showing the wrong map during the MotoGP broadcast. We didn’t mean to do anything except show how much we love being in India for the Indian Oil Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit.

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A big fuss erupted on social media because of a messed-up map picture. People wanted the international racing league to take responsibility, and some even said they wouldn’t support the upcoming three-day event.

One person said, “The upcoming MotoGP event in Noida showed a weird map of India that left out Jammu and Kashmir. It’s not cooled to have an event in a country without respecting its borders. Moto, you messed up.”

Another person added, “Dorna, while trying to make India and the race look good to the world, made a big mistake. They showed a map of India without Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. That upset local fans, and now they’re saying they won’t go to the event. It’s a shame.”

The MotoGP World Championships race, known as the ‘Grand Prix of Bharat,’ is happening right now at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. It goes from September 22 to 24, 2023, and the best motorcycle racers from all over the world are here.

This is India’s first time hosting a big event like this since the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix in 2013. They stopped having that race because of money and paperwork problems.

According to a report from the news agency PTI, the Uttar Pradesh government has approved the allocation of ₹8 crore to its ‘Invest UP’ department for the MotoGP event. This decision comes in response to a proposal presented by Fairsreet Sports, as indicated by an official statement from the local Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

MotoGP Apologizes

MotoGP Apologizes

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