Vijay Antony shares 1st statement after daughter Meera’s death: I’ve died with her.

Vijay antony statement
Vijay Antony Statement After Daughter Meera’s Death

Renowned Tamil composer and actor Vijay Antony shared his first message on September 21st, following the tragic loss of his 16-year-old daughter, Meera, who sadly took her own life on September 19th. Just a day after her funeral, Vijay Antony wrote a heartfelt post where he spoke lovingly about his daughter and expressed the deep pain he felt when she made that difficult decision.

Vijay Antony Statement:

My dear friends, my girl Meera was a loving and brave young woman. Where there is no longer worry over things like rank, religion, money, desire, endurance, destitution, or outrage, she finds peace. I can literally feel her presence, and I feel as though a part of myself has left behind. I’ve already promised to use this opportunity to conduct good deeds in her honor, and she will serve as my inspiration.

“The sudden passing of Meera Vijay Antony has left the Tamil entertainment industry and the general public deeply dejected.

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