Supreme Court Issues Notice to Udhayanidhi Stalin for His Anti-Sanatan Remark.

Udhayanidhi Stalin anti hindu

In this Post You Read About Udhayanidhi Stalin Anti Hindu Controversy! In a recent court case in New Delhi, the Supreme Court took action against Udhayanidhi Stalin, a well-known member of the DMK party in Tamil Nadu and the current minister of youth welfare in that state. In reaction to his contentious remarks regarding the antiquated religious system known as Sanatan Dharma, this action was taken. Mr. Stalin and the state government have received official notices from the Supreme Court. After Mr. Stalin made remarks suggesting that Sanatan Dharma violates social justice ideals and should be banned, this legal action followed.

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Meanwhile, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) submitted by a Madras lawyer in the court has called for the registration of an FIR against CM Stalin’s son.

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Supreme Court Issues Notice to Udhayanidhi Stalin Anti hindu remarks..

Udhayanidhi made a few dubious remarks to members of the Tamil Nadu Moderate Essayists and Craftsmen Affiliation. He compared the Sanatan Dharma to illnesses carried by mosquitoes, such as the Covid, dengue fever, and intestinal illness. He advocated the cancellation of these convictions rather than testing them. Additionally, he asserted that equity and civil rights are inconsistent with Sanatan Dharma.

Udhayanidhi explained that the name “Sanatan” comes from Sanskrit and means something timeless and unchanging. He claimed that Sanatan Dharma divides people based on their caste.

On the social media platform ‘X,’ Udhayanidhi stated, “Sanatan Dharma is a belief system that separates people based on caste and religion.” He argued that getting rid of Sanatan Dharma is a step toward promoting equality and humanity.

These statements by Udhayanidhi Stalin on September 4 caused a political controversy. However, the Tamil Nadu Minister stood firm in his views, saying, “I will keep saying the same thing… I was talking about all religions, not just Hindus… I spoke against caste differences, that’s all.”

Udhayanidhi, who also oversees sports development, pointed out that in the past, Sanatan Dharma restricted women’s freedom and kept them at home. He highlighted the progress women have made in sports and financial independence today. He also mentioned government initiatives, such as free bus rides for women and monthly financial support for female college students, which will expand as a basic income program for women starting on September 15.

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