Ghaziabad: Some bad guys shot a young man near Loni police station

Ghaziabad: Some bad guys shot a young man near Loni police station
Ghaziabad: Some bad guys shot a young man near Loni police station

In Loni, a shocking incident occurred when three masked individuals on a motorcycle took the life of Jitendra (42), who was riding his Bullet bike. This tragic event happened just 500 meters from the Loni police station in broad daylight. Jitendra, known for standing up against wrongdoers after his cousin’s murder, fell victim to six bullets, hitting his face, stomach, and hand. The blame is pointed at the notorious Deepak Agarola gang.

the was heading to Ghaziabad for some errands. Near Ashok Vihar Colony on Delhi Saharanpur Road, three masked individuals on a bike confronted him and opened fire. Despite being shot in the hand, Jitendra managed to drive towards the nearby Loni police station, but the assailants pursued, firing again and fatally hitting him in the chest. Jitendra fell from his bike, and the attackers, after firing a few more shots, fled the scene. Bystanders alerted the police, and family members, including DCP Vivek Yadav, arrived.

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This tragic incident is connected to a longstanding feud, where Deepak from Agarola village had previously killed his own cousin. Jitendra’s cousin had been advocating against Deepak Agarola’s gang. Two years ago, on September 19, 2021, Dinesh, another family member, was shot dead by nine members of Deepak Agarola’s gang in Pachayra village. Legal proceedings against them, including Deepak’s brother Madan, are ongoing.

Some bad guys shot a young man near Loni police station

The motive behind Jitendra’s murder appears to be linked to unresolved decisions. Mukul Bansal, the deceased’s cousin, shared that the family was under constant pressure from the accused. Jitendra’s brother, Supendra, was scheduled to testify on October 27, adding to the tension. The family alleges that the attack is a consequence of their refusal to make decisions and testify in favor of Deepak Agarola’s gang.

Eyewitnesses claim that the attackers were seen coming from Tronica City police station, raising concerns about police checks. Despite continuous checks near Pushta police post, the armed assailants went unnoticed.

DCP Vivek Yadav assured the public that the attackers have been identified, and some individuals have been detained. The incident is attributed to old enmity, and efforts by three police teams are underway to apprehend the culprits. Jitendra was found with an unlicensed pistol, prompting increased security at his home. It was revealed that Jitendra had a past arrest for robbing Rs 45 lakh from a Moradabad-based scrap dealer in Nandgram. Deepak Agarola’s brother, Madan, has a criminal record at Tronica City police station. Further action will be taken upon formal complaints.

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