Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!

Chandigarh, September 20

Sikh's Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!
Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!

India-Canada Diplomatic Discord: Trudeau’s Khalistani Connection and its Consequences

This article is about Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed! The ongoing diplomatic tension between India and Canada has its roots in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political association with pro-Khalistani groups in his country. While this alignment may have helped Trudeau politically, it has led to a decline in his popularity within Canada and has caused significant issues on the international and economic fronts, according to experts.

The Influence of a Minority Population

Sikhs make up just over 2.1% of Canada’s population, according to the 2021 census, but they seem to have more influence than many immigrants from other regions. The Sikh population has doubled over the past two decades, with many coming from Punjab in search of better opportunities in education, careers, and jobs.

Canada has the largest proportion of Sikhs in the world (2.1%), second only to India. British Columbia has the third-largest Sikh community (5.9%), after only Punjab and Chandigarh in India, as reported.

Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!

Experts believe that minority Sikhs have more influence because of their strong community bonds, organizational skills, hard work, fundraising abilities, and the widespread network of vibrant gurdwaras (Sikh temples) across Canada. They have strong connections and often donate to support Canadian politicians.

The Presence of Gurdwaras in Canada

Canada has a vast network of gurdwaras, with locations in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto suburbs such as Mississauga and Brampton.

According to Douglas Todd, writing in the Vancouver Sun on March 10, 2018, “The faction of Sikhs that gains control of any of the numerous large gurdwaras in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary has often leveraged their access to financial resources and influence to endorse specific Liberal and NDP candidates.

Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!

“The Sikh connection worked well for Justin Trudeau, just as it did for Jean Chretien. Punjabi Canadians, many of whom are Sikh, significantly contributed to Trudeau’s rise to the leadership of the federal Liberal party and eventually to the prime minister’s office.

“However, the support from Punjabi/Sikh communities has now become a problem for Trudeau’s popularity. It caused controversy during his February visit to India, where he seemed to have connections with backers linked to Sikh militants who wanted to create a theocratic homeland in India called Khalistan.”

Khalistan and Politics

Experts mention that India has consistently asked countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK to take legal action against Khalistani supporters.

In ‘Blood for Blood: Fifty Years of the Global Khalistan Project,’ Terry Milewski writes that the “timid Canadian response to the Khalistani challenge has been a recurring issue for Indian politicians, going back to 1982 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi raised concerns with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.” Pierre Trudeau was Justin Trudeau’s father.

Indian observers argue that the Kanishka bombing case concluded inconclusively due to a lack of evidence, supporting their point. Observers expect more criticism from Trudeau towards India.

Sikh’s Rising in Canadian Politics – Shocking Details Revealed!

With the opposition Conservatives closely following him, the Canadian Prime Minister faces nearly unprecedented levels of disapproval due to high housing and living costs, inflation, and related issues in the country. The popularity of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre is rising, making him the preferred choice for PM among Canadians.

Trudeau leads a minority government and relies on the support of the New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh ‘Jimmy’ Dhaliwal, for his survival. The NDP won 24 seats in 2021, making its support crucial for the continuity of the Trudeau government. This might be why Trudeau cannot afford to antagonize “someone known for supporting Khalistani causes,” according to observers.

Ethnic Connections Between India and Canada

From Kesur Singh, a Risaldar Major in the British India Army, who is considered the first Sikh settler in Canada, to the thriving Sikh community today, Sikhs in Canada have come a long way since their initial immigration, driven by the desire to send money back to India.

Over the years, the Sikh community has grown politically and economically, enjoying a good life in their new homeland.

Whether the strained relations between India and Canada will affect the economic interests of Sikhs in Punjab who have relatives in Canada remains uncertain. However, the situation is far from ideal between two nations with deep ethnic ties.

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