Unprecedented Move: China’s Xi Jinping Snubs G20 – What’s the Real Story?

Unprecedented Move: China's Xi Jinping Snubs G20 - What's the Real Story?

China’s President Xi Jinping won’t be going to a big meeting called the G20 summit happening in New Delhi soon. This is a big deal because it’s the first time he’s not going to something like this. He’s very important and his decision is making the group of important countries even more divided.

Xi decided not to go to the G20 because he’s been busy with another meeting called the Brics summit. In that meeting, he talked about plans to make a group of developing countries bigger. China thinks this could be a challenge to groups led by the United States.

Instead of Xi, China will send another important person named Premier Li Qiang to the G20 meeting. Some people who know about this told Western reporters, but they don’t want to be named.

Xi not going to the G20 will make things harder for India’s leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India was using this meeting to show how strong its economy is and how much power it has in the world.

This also means Xi won’t meet the leader of the United States, Joe Biden, at the meeting. Last time they met was a year ago at another meeting like this.

China and India have been having problems for a long time, especially about land at the border. India’s not happy with China because of this, but China hasn’t said much about it.

The G20 group has countries that don’t agree on many things. Some are rich countries, and some are still developing. They don’t always get along, especially about things like fights in Ukraine and climate change. It’s hard for them to agree on important stuff.

Xi not going to this meeting is a big deal. He usually goes to these kinds of meetings to show China is strong compared to the United States. A person who knows a lot about this says Xi not going is a big change, and the person who’s going instead won’t have the same impact.

China and India have been having problems for more than three years because they both want the same land. This caused fights and even deaths in 2020.

People from Western countries and experts in India agree that China’s people have been really firm in discussions before the big meeting. They talked about things like health and climate change.

Some people in India think China might want to mess up this meeting because India is getting more powerful. Also, India’s leader Modi is becoming more important too.

One person in India said that China wants to stop India from doing well in this meeting. It took India a while to understand that China would try to do this.

Some experts think China will explain why Xi isn’t coming to India to avoid problems. Also, Xi and Modi talked a bit at the Brics meeting, so they might have talked about their land problem too.

At the same time, the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, also said he’s not going to the meeting. He didn’t go last time either.

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