Virat Kohli Brilliant, 48th Century ODI World Cup: India Vs Bangladesh 2023

Virat Kohli First Brilliant Century ODI World Cup: India Vs Bangladesh 2023

In the exciting 2023 World Cup match between India and Bangladesh, Virat Kohli amazed everyone by scoring a fantastic century.

Virat Kohli, the star player for India, once again showed his incredible skill by hitting his 48th century in ODIs during the 2023 World Cup game against Bangladesh. India seemed on track for their fourth win in a row, and you could see Kohli’s focus shifting toward reaching that magical three-figure mark. He started playing in the 13th over of the game and paced himself perfectly, just like he’s done throughout his career.

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Virat Kohli Brilliant, 48th Century ODI World Cup

With India needing only 19 more runs to win and Kohli needing the same to reach his century, he went for it. In the last few overs of the match, Kohli avoided taking singles, and KL Rahul, his partner, helped him in this mission. Kohli became more aggressive, aiming for boundaries instead of running between the wickets to get to his hundred.

But a Kohli innings wouldn’t be complete without his ability to turn ones into twos. In the second-to-last over, he impressed everyone with two quick twos, showing off his fitness and determination.

Kohli’s dedication reached its peak in a dramatic way. With just two runs needed for victory and three for his century, Kohli hit a fantastic six against Nasum Ahmed, securing not just a win for India but also reaching a splendid century in Pune.

The crowd erupted in joy, celebrating why Kohli is considered one of the greatest ODI batters ever with his 48th century, inching closer to Tendulkar’s record of 49.

But that wasn’t the only achievement for Kohli. He went past Jayawardene to become the fourth-highest run-scorer in international cricket during this match.

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