Why Jawan is the Talk of the Town: SRK’s Epic Double Role!

Why Jawan is the Talk of the Town: SRK's Epic Double Role!
Jawan Box Office Hits More Than A Million Overseas: Shah Rukh Khan Gears Up For A Thunderstorm! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film is creating quite a buzz as it heads to theaters. The movie is all set to premiere on September 7th and has been receiving a fantastic response worldwide. Now, let’s talk about the advance bookings for this film in the US and UK – they’re breaking records. According to the latest stats, Jawan has sold over half a million dollars worth of tickets.

The film, directed by Atlee, has sold around 33,000 tickets at 551 different locations for more than two thousand showings, making it the biggest Bollywood release ever. It’s also getting a tremendous response in the UK.

When you add it all up, Jawan has made a whopping $625,000 in advance ticket sales on its first day. And that number is still going up as we discuss the financial success of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie.

In Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan plays a double role, and the film is as entertaining as it gets, with all the spices and flavors that Bollywood fans have been craving, especially after watching South Indian hits like KGF 2 and Pushpa. With Atlee at the helm, SRK is bringing us a movie that perfectly blends the South’s vibrant vibes with the North’s rich culture.

Now, let’s talk about the film’s budget. It was originally estimated at over 250 crore, even surpassing Pathaan’s budget. But now, it’s rumored to have gone up to 300 crore, thanks to these pre-release ticket sales. It looks like a massive comeback is on the horizon for this film.

As we count down the hours to the film’s release, let’s take a look at the top 10 Hindi films with the highest pre-release ticket sales in the USA and Canada in 2023:

‘Pathaan’ – $1.49 million
‘Jawan’ – $625,000
‘RRKPK’ – $445,000
‘Adipurush’ – $345,000
‘Gadar2’ – $310,000
‘KBKJ’ – $305,000
‘OMG2’ – $220,000
‘TJMM’ – $172,000
‘TheKeralaStory’ – $146,000
‘DreamGirl2’ – $105,000

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