Canada Introduces New Student Visa Regulations, Requiring Educational Institutions to Validate Letters of Acceptance 2023

Canada Introduces New Student Visa Regulations It Will Come into effect from December 1 this year.

Canada Introduces New Student Visa Regulations, Requiring Educational Institutions to Validate Letters of Acceptance
Canada Introduces New Student Visa Regulations, Photo Google

Canada Introduces New Student Visa Regulations

In an effort to prevent fraud with student visas, Canada has come up with a new way to check the acceptance letters of international students. This is needed to get a study permit.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, announced this change. He also said that they won’t limit the number of new international students coming to Canada.

This new rule will start on December 1 this year.

To protect students from fake acceptance letters and prevent issues, Canada has made their verification process stronger,” said Miller.

“This means that only students with real acceptance letters will get study permits,” he added.

More than 700 Indian students in Canada are facing deportation because they used fake acceptance letters to apply for study visas four years ago.

The problem came to light in March when some students in Canada tried to become permanent residents after finishing their studies. They were caught with fake documents. The Canadian government stopped their deportations after India talked to them about it.

In June, they formed a team to review the cases of affected students and graduates, charging an Indian citizen named Brijesh Mishra with immigration-related offenses.

Earlier this month, the Canadian border agency checked 103 cases and found that only 63 of them were real.

This is good news, especially after India had a disagreement with Canada because of the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canada had stopped giving visas and consular services in some cities, making it hard for students planning to start university in January.

Canada also mentioned they can only process 20,000 out of the 38,000 visas they expected to by December.

Earlier this week, Delhi restored visa services in some categories to improve relations between the two countries.

Indian students are studying in 240 countries, but Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US are the top choices.

Before the fall semester of 2024, Canada will make it easier for students applying to their schools.

They will also check and make changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for the first time in ten years and tell us what’s new in a few months.

Miller explained that the goal is to make the PGWP program work better for Canada by addressing labor shortages in important areas and meeting regional immigration goals.

Canada’s main aim with these changes is to protect genuine students from being deported. “We want to do a better job of choosing and keeping students who can help Canada’s economy and immigration plans,” Miller stated.

Regarding Canada’s international education:

International education brings more than $22 billion to Canada’s economy every year, which is even more than what they make from exporting auto parts, lumber, or aircraft. It also provides jobs to over 200,000 people in the country, as per the IRCC. In 2020, the drop in international student numbers cost Canada over $7 billion in its GDP.

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