iOS 17.1 Release Date October 24: Discover the Latest Enhancements in This Update.

The upcoming Apple Update of iOS 17.1 Release date, scheduled for October 24, is not only fixing radiation issues seen in France but also bringing a bunch of other changes. These include improvements to the Music app, making AirDrop better, and adding new Standby features.

iOS 17.1 Release Date October 24: Discover the Latest Enhancements in This Update.
iOS 17.1 Release date.

iOS 17.1 Release Date October 24, Discover Its Features.

France’s national frequency agency, the Agencey Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), has shared the release date for the upcoming iOS 17.1 update. This update is Apple’s way of responding to worries about the iPhone 12 emitting too much electromagnetic radiation in France. Because of this concern, France had temporarily stopped selling the device as it was emitting more electromagnetic waves than allowed.

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A statement on the ANFR website says, “Apple has made a software update, and ANFR has given it the thumbs up because it effectively ensures that the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the ‘member’ aligns with the allowed limit of 4 W/kg. Apple has already given this update to a group of customers who volunteered to test it for a few days. The company has promised to give this software update to all French iPhone 12 users by October 24.”

The French regulatory body also mentioned, “The ban on selling the iPhone 12 in France will stay in place until this update is available to everyone.

What are the new features coming in iOS 17.1? 

According to tipster, the iOS 17.1 update will bring lots of cool new things. It’s going to make the Music app better, improve AirDrop, and introduce new Standby features.

1) Music app: 

Users will now have the ability to favourie any song, album, playlist or artist with the star icon and the new selection will be saved to the library and help improve Apple’s recommendation.

2) New AirDrop features: 

AirDrop is getting a handy new feature called “Out of Range.” This feature lets you send and receive files even when your devices aren’t close to each other. If the devices are far apart, the file transfer will still happen using Wi-Fi or Mobile data.

3) Connected cards:

Apple is releasing out a new feature for iPhone users in the UK. It lets them add their debit and credit cards from specific banks to the Wallet app. With this feature, users can easily check the recent transactions and balances for these cards.

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